Tuesday, 13 March 2012

'About us'

The Ebook Sales & Promotion Newsletter has been created to promote authors, publisher's and their ebooks/books, and to direct readers straight into our Kindle Shortcut, where purchasing is as simple as the click of a button.
Our job is to promote you, your publisher and your book, and we do this with daily promotions of this newsletter on our Facebook and Twitter profiles and anywhere else who may promote it. Our Facebook profile will also promote you on our wall, with your Author Spotlight links posted regularly, and also a link on our Kindle Shortcut, should anyone want to check you out before purchasing.
Our team are dedicated to your requirements as authors. I am an author myself, and I know how hard the market is to break and how difficult promotion can be, even when you've broken that market. So I'm hoping that we can fill in that missing gap in your market. Self-promotion isn't always the best option, as I have discovered, myself and it can sometimes give off the wrong impression - and that's why self-promotion sometimes fails to work. We're hoping to attract a huge audience who will come back for more. And the more authors we have in our Kindle Shortcut, the more chance we'll attract more readers and make your sales higher.

Our promotional pages contain:
(some of these still under construction)

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